Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles & Nano-Bio (BAMN 2019)

To be held in Hilton Garden Inn, near the Campus of the University of Maine, in Bangor, Maine, USA,


under construction

The congress will provide knowledge, presentations, exhibits, workshops and panel discussions on biomimetics, biologically inspired smart medical implants, smart materials and artificial polymeric nano composites , actuators, energy-harvesters and sensors that behave biomimetically or similar to biological muscles and nano-biological phenomena. Engineers and Scientists will meet Medical Doctors and Surgeons in the spirit of the congress . The congress will invite world class experts in these fields to deliver plenary and keynote presentations on all aspects of: 

·         Smart/Intelligent Materials, Structures and Systems

·         Biomimetics, Nano-Bio Engineering and Artificial Muscles

·         Biologically-Inspired Engineering Systems (BIES), and Biologically Inspired Robotic Devices 

·         and Systems (BIRDS) and Nano-Scale Biomedical Engineering

·         Intelligent Soft Robotic Systems, Robotic Surgery and Microsurgery

·         Providing Haptic Feedback by Soft Smart Materials to Surgeons during Robotics Surgery 

·         Health Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Science

·         Advanced Nanocomposites and Electroactive Polymers

·         Heart Assist Systems, Left Ventricular Assist Systems (LVAS), Heart Failure Prevention

·         Bionic Vision and Ophthalmological Engineering

·         Neuro and Endovascular Surgical Tools and Medical Implants

·         Cell Mechanics, Tissue Manufacturing & Nano-Bio

·         Design, Development and Implementation of Electroactive Polymers

·         Advances in Ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs)

·         Advances on nanomaterials, CNTs, Graphene, Smart multifunctional materials

·         Advances in Dielectric elastomers (DEs)

·         Advances in Polyacrylonitrile Gels (PANs)

·         Advances in Conductive Polymers (CPs)

·         Advances in Artificial and Synthetic Sensors, Actuators, Energy Harvesters and Artificial Muscles

Proposed Symposia by Congress Co-Chairs:

1-"Novel Disaster Mitigation Based on Smart Materials/Structure and

Related Technologies"

Professor Hiroshi Asanuma, Chiba University, Tokyo, Japan 


2-"Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics"

Professor Kwang J. Kim, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, 


3-"Polymeric Strain Sensors"

Professor Elisabeth Smela, University Of Maryland,  College Park, MD 

20742, USA (

4-“Medical Applications of Ionic Electroactive Polymer-Gel Actuators”

Dr. Kinji Asaka, AIST, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science 

and Technology, Tokyo, Japan, (


Professor Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, 

France, (

6-"Soft Robotics for Biomedical Applications-I"

Professor Soo Jin Adrian Koh, National University of Singapore, 

Singapore, (

Professor Lau Gih Keong, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 


1.     A/Prof. Iain Anderson from University of Auckland, NZ.

2.     Asst. Prof. Jun Shintake from University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan.

3.     Asst. Prof. Raye Yeow Chen-Hua from the National University of Singapore. Singapore

4.       Prof. Soo Jin Adrian Koh, the National University of Singapore, Singapore

5.       Asst. Prof. Lau Gih Keong, the National University of Singapore, Singapore


7-"Smart Materials for Cardiovascular Applications"

Professor Dr Med Piergiorgio Tozzi, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois,  

Lausanne, Switzerland (


 More Symposia to Follow: 


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